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Customer Success Manager

Job description

Location: Fully remote within the UK and Ireland (will consider Amsterdam, Paris region).

Rate: £40,000 to £70,000 +OTE (depending on experience and location).

The short version

Why: Lower student drop-out rates by building interactive learning communities of students.

What: Transform university life across the board. Replace emails and the Learning Management System with learning infrastructure centred on community.

Who: Enticed by our big mission, you will build trust with and deliver incredible experiences to educators and senior university leadership.

What is Aula? 🐝

Aula is a remote-first 30-person education startup building a learning experience platform.

Our mission is to make engaging teaching and learning the norm.

We work with institutions like Coventry University and Glasgow University.

Think of Aula as the heart of a university's digital campus: a shared space that brings together students, staff, and educators.

Read more here:

This is Aula


The role: Customer Success Manager 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫

(Implementation Manager internally)

Translate our technology into meaningful change for students and educators at scale by rolling Aula out at our partner institutions.

You will work across digital infrastructure, change management and organisational strategy.

Responsibilities at each institution:

  • Challenge senior leadership to be bold: discuss high-level vision, institutional impact, and rapid roll-out plans
  • Large-scale project management across all stakeholders (senior leadership, IT, educators).
  • Collaborate with our Partner Success team, including community and learning specialists to exceed expectations for delivery. Think of yourself as a conductor with a choice of instruments with which to deliver your melody.
  • Set educators and students up for success. Build a culture of excitement about the pedagogical opportunities that Aula offers
  • Push our thinking around successful change management to make it more scalable
  • Embed yourself within institutions: think two days travelling, three days in an office space

What we're looking for 🔍

We are open to people from a diverse range of backgrounds, so don't hold yourself back.

We would love to hear from you if you can see yourself in the following:

You’ve done some of these things…*

  • Implementation expertise (e.g. enterprise-level project management)
  • Customer Success expertise
  • Solutions Engineering
  • Experience from the startup world with its pragmatism and sense of urgency
  • Experience working with a consumer/customer-facing B2B SAAS product

Your personality

  • People-person. Navigate complex internal politics at partner institutions. Build trusting relationships with leadership. Inspire educators. Collect feedback from students
  • Intellectually robust. Lead high-level discussions with academically-minded university leadership
  • "11x thinker". Creative, independent thinking changes the world. (Read more here)
  • Feedback-driven. Excited about personal growth. Admit when you're wrong. Be direct and caring with your colleagues
  • Inclusive. Build a space where your colleagues feel safe to flourish
  • Tech minded. Curious about technology. Excited about automating things (No coding experience needed whatsoever)

You are the type of person who...

  • Gets excited about big challenges and complex problems, taking ownership and testing new ideas to growing issues
  • Likes to think outside the box and continuously improve the way you and others around you work
  • Have experience in, or have always been interested in, being involved in technology or new digital platforms, tools, and products

*please note!

The qualifications and experiences above are a guide and we’d still love to hear from candidates with more or less experience, provided the requisite skills can be demonstrated.

What it's like to work at Aula

We've open-sourced our handbook, The Aula Brain, so you can see for yourself.

Here are some pages you might be particularly curious about:

Here at Aula, we take diversity and equal opportunity seriously. We are committed to building a team that represents an array of perspectives and skills, irrespective of their background. The more inclusivity we bring, the better our work and culture will be.

However, we can put our hands up and say that we are not perfect. So, if you feel like there is anything that we can do to create a more comfortable and safe interview experience for you, please let us know.

All the best,

The Aula Team 🚀