Solutions Engineer

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Solutions Engineer

Job description

.Location: Fully remote within GMT -3/+3

Salary: £60k - £80k (based on location)

The short version ⏳

Mission: Bridge the gap between our customer success and product functions by ensuring our university partners can access our platform whenever they like, helping them enable world-class learning experiences to take place.

Why: Engagement is one of the most strongly-correlated predictors of success in learning. We are shaping how teachers teach and making every student feel a part of their classroom.

Who: We're looking for someone solutions-orientated who possesses great empathy. You will work closely with our university partners helping them transition to the Aula platform, so being sympathetic and having the ability to build trust quickly is key.

What is Aula? 🐝

Aula is a remote-first 30-person education startup building a learning experience platform.

Our mission is to make engaging teaching and learning the norm.

We work with institutions like Coventry University and Glasgow University.

Think of Aula as the heart of a university's digital campus: a shared space that brings together students, staff, and educators.

Read more here:

This is Aula

The role: Solutions Engineer 💻

We’re excited to tell you about what we’re working on, but first of all, let us explain who we’re looking for. The most important thing about you is that you are curious and care deeply about providing great products that affect people’s lives. You are transparent, reliable, considerate and ready to work hard to further our mission.

We are looking for an experienced Solution Engineer that is not only good at solving challenges by designing and building solutions, but more importantly, putting clients' success first.

This is a fantastic experience for someone entrepreneurial, who thrives in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment to build out this function from scratch at Aula. You will be our first-ever Solutions Engineer hire so you will have the freedom and flexibility to shape our implementation processes as we grow and go along.

Whether you've previously worked at a startup or global organisation, we'd hope for you to bring your experience to help both our clients and our team reach their objectives.

What you'll be doing:

  • Bridging the gap between customer implementation and product, you will work closely with our university partners supporting them to transition to the Aula platform. You'll enable our partner universities to provide world-class, hybrid learning experiences to their students.
  • Owning the technical implementation of the Aula platform at our partner universities. Being the go-to person for any technical queries or issues both at Aula and at our partners.
  • Providing ad-hoc support to our Product Support teams to ensure the best possible user experience on the platform.
  • Building long-lasting relationships with our partner universities.


What we're looking for 🔍

We are open to people from a diverse range of backgrounds, so don't hold yourself back.

We would love to hear from you if you can see yourself in the following:

You have

  • 5+ years experience working with IT teams in high regulated Public Sector organisations - Banking, Finance, Healthcare ect.
  • Experience of working in customer facing Solution Engineer roles, with the ability to work with the tech team here at Aula.
  • Significant experience of software implementation projects.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of API and backend systems design with previous projects.
  • Excellent communication skills. You enjoy building long-lasting relationships and working as part of a cross-functional team or at the intersection of many different teams.

You are:

  • Mission-driven: you care deeply about the company providing great products that affect people’s lives.
  • Excited about joining a 30-person startup with all the ups, downs and ownership that entails.
  • Silly ambitious and you thrive in and fast-paced, ever-changing environment.
  • Solutions orientated. You understand the limitations of a problem and perceive challenges as problems to solve. You embrace the chance to provide the best solution for that challenge.
  • Comfortable working with stakeholders at all levels across commercial and technical functions.

Please note!

The qualifications and experiences above are a guide and we’d still love to hear from candidates with more or less experience, provided the requisite skills can be demonstrated.